Continuum — wall clock made of walnut, transparent epoxy resin, polyurethane varnish
SKU: 5425
SKU: 5425

Continuum — wall clock made of walnut, transparent epoxy resin, polyurethane varnish

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List of woods:
Transparent epoxy resin
Please note that each model will look different on a dark and light background
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The "Continuum" Clock

Try to catch time and you’ll frighten it. 

Try to stop time and you won’t be able to do without it.

Try to love time and it will entrust its power to you.

We poured over every millimeter of this clock because we were dealing with a piece of Eternity, the most beautiful part. It is harmoniously woven into our lives and requires constant attention, but it can exist with or without us. Eternity is the one of the only things that cannot be purchased, as well as one of the only things for which you can give up everything. 

It is clear that these clocks are beautiful. After all, they are crafted from your favorite precious woods with the addition of luxurious shades of epoxy. However, we would like to take a moment to explain why we made them so beautiful and why we consider the role of clocks to be undervalued.

Clocks are a must-have item for any home because they show that you not only appreciate the ephemerality of life, but that you recognize and respect it. An iPhone or Android will show you the accuracy of time, but a wall clock (especially one that is aesthetically pleasing) will remind you that time is in your hands. It is here, just across from you, and you can do whatever you’d like with it.

These clocks are also long-lasting. Someday your grandchildren will check the time by glancing at them. Isn’t that an idea worth exploring for yourself?

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