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Aurora — Mid-Century Dining Chair made of elm
$1 222.00
SKU: 5594

Aurora — Mid-Century Dining Chair made of elm

$1 222.00
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List of woods:
Elm tree
L: 23,6 inch x W: 19,7 inch x H: 33,5 inch
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Aurora is the Roman goddess of dawn. Her name hides the cool morning wind and the warm, gentle sun, which just appears from behind the horizon and envelops everything around with the first  touches of light.

The beauty of nature has no limits. There is difficult to resist it, you want to enjoy it continuously. To feel with all available receptors. To sit in a comfortable chair on a spacious terrace, to hear morning songs of goldfinches or annoying cicadas and to enjoy the pleasant coolness. Squinting, to catche the first rays of an upcoming hot day out of the corner of your eye and thanking this life with every sip of aromatic coffee.

Nature knows how to tell about life, about its significance and importance, about its ease and simplicity. The chair «Aurora» is a minimum of details, but everything important is in its place. We had taked  a strong and textured elm, whose flowers in the fall give sweet nectar to beens, and had made it as support, polished to a silkiness. So it's nice to touch it not only with your eyes.

It is appropriate to buy the chairs «Aurora» for an open summer terrace or veranda, as well as for a kitchen, living room, and bedroom. They will be a good addition to a stylish wooden table and will diversify the decoration of the room, make the overall design of an apartment more expressive.

When you sit in them, you feel nature, which so often inspires artists to create masterpieces. So Beethoven dedicated his 21st piano sonata to nature and named it «Aurora».

The chairs «Aurora» are inspiration in every touch.

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