Shizen - dining table with elm and epoxy slabs
£3 200
SKU: 4566
SKU: 4566

Shizen - dining table with elm and epoxy slabs

£3 200
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List of woods:
Polyurethane varnish
Table legs:
Wood (walnut)
42 mm
L: 1600 mm x W: 800 mm x H: 750 mm

To live and enjoy, you only need three things: live, enjoy and the Shizen table. Comfort has its own special look, and pleasure has its own sensations. We have combined them in the dining table so that you can experience your Shizen.Agree, to see beauty in every moment, it must be special. It is impossible to arrange a tea ceremony without beautiful cups, just as it is impossible to comfortably equip your kitchen without that very table. Take a good look at him. It casts a different level of perception of the world, a different lifestyle. A life where the desire to create and preserve precedes. Family, traditions, customs. A life that you will taste every day. Only with the help of elm wood could we create this table so majestic yet pleasing. Only such a gray epoxy resin with a pearlescent effect added mystery and depth to the table. And only with the help of the walnut could we make the legs that fit the table top so well.

Shizen dining table - life is worth enjoying.