Dining tables for the kitchen made of wood and epoxy

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Dining tables for the kitchen 

If you are on this page, then you are very well approached the issue of choosing a dining table. This means that you need everything: coziness, comfort, beauty, quality and competent price ratio with this quality. Below we will try to reveal each of these aspects.

Why I should buy an epoxy-filled dining table?

All kitchen tables, that are on the market today, have their advantages and disadvantages. And everyone chooses what is closer to them in their house. Yes, a glass table is not bad in the interior, but it is cold and cannot be repaired if damaged. Tables made of chipboard (particle board) are affordable, but you can not be completely sure of their quality and the absence of harmful fumes. And then the choice falls on that which mankind has trusted for 2,000 years — wood.  It is durable, wear-resistant, warm to the touch and can be restored. Unique in its appearance and purpose. Before you buy a dining table made of wood, you most likely made a decision that you are looking for something, that together with practicality, will bring art in your home.  After all, it is for you that we do it.

Can I eat at the dining table with epoxy fill?

Epoxy is a resin until it hardens. And after that, it’s already plastic, consisting of two components that harden when mixed. It is worth noting that the epoxy resin we use is designed specifically for tables and meets all standards.

How to choose a dining table for the kitchen and what should be considered?

It may sound obvious, but it all depends on your “I want” and “I need.” So, the dining table should match the tastes of the owner and the interior of the room.And the size with the shape is matched to the room. It is worth paying attention to the kitchen tables with massive countertops, if we are talking about a separate dining room. It is clear that a round dining table also needs more space, since it requires space in the center. While a square table can be “packed” into a smaller room by sliding it to the wall. Next, think about the chairs. The shape of the countertop and the design of the legs will also depend on their shape. Also, focus on the approximate number of people who will sit at your dining table. We recommend 60 centimeters per person.

What about the quality of dining tables made of wood and epoxy?

Since tables made of epoxy resin are a relatively new direction, it requires clear explanations on the most important issue — the issue of quality.

Quality from Kochut Wood includes quality materials and workmanship. Only with these two components, it is possible to have a product in what you won't doubt for a long time. When buying a wooden table with epoxy resin, pay attention to how solid, durable and properly dried wood is. The countertop should be pleasant to the touch, and without sharp corners in rectangular form. Epoxy must also be solid, resistant to ultraviolet and not bend under pressure. And we can’t talk about waviness and any other surface roughness. We emphasize once again that a high-quality epoxy is filled, it is clean, transparent, without dirt, scratches and bubbles. And this should apply not only to the countertops, but also to the space under it.  The legs should be reliable and practical, and be firmly fixed. Pay attention to the coverage.  If it is not uniform and not smooth, then you should have questions for the manufacturer. And finally, without which the previous paragraphs simply lose their value — packaging.The manufacturer is also responsible for it

What determines the price of an epoxy-filled dining table?

If everything is clear and simple with the previous one, then you always have to think about this issue longer. Price. It also depends on the wood from which the product is made. And from the ratio of wood to epoxy. And from the thickness of the countertops. If you are buying a table that will serve its owner for a long time and creates an original atmosphere, you will understand the correlation between price and value.

The concept of interior design is all that we need from you. Because we thought of the rest for you.