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Dining table «Morion». European walnut, epoxy casting, metal legs

  • Characteristics
  • List of woods: European walnut
  • Fill: Mother-of-pearl
  • Plating: Polyurethane varnish
  • Table legs: Metal
  • Size: L: 1300 mm x W: 750 mm x H: 760 mm


There were numerous ways of using Morion stone throughout human history: in the 12th century, Chinese used a unique mineral in the eyeglass manufacturing industry  (such glasses were found during excavations near the Tutankhamun tomb). The Sumerians used mineral crystals as material for making seals. Most scholars are of the opinion that morion gemstone was also used in making the famous Buddha Bowl. And in the Middle Ages, these magical crystals were at hand of every person who practiced alchemy. But only in the mid-19th century Morion entered Europe as a piece of gem jewelry. 

In the 21st century, its black fulvous color inspired us to manufacture tables named after minerals. Nature creates incredible shades and we are doing our best to reproduce them in our epoxy tables.

There will be no description of where and why this table would be a good fit. This task lies on the entire range of Kochut Wood epoxy tables,  to correspond to Your wishes and pictures. 

We attribute this table to the Standard line, as it’s a total classic example, with distinct lines and moderate shades. European walnut wood and the black & gray nacre epoxy form a neat duo. The tabletop rests on the M-shaped legs, a perfect match. This is a tandem we trust. And You?