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Jupiter — dining table made of poplar slabs and epoxy
£6 430
SKU: 3063

Jupiter — dining table made of poplar slabs and epoxy

£6 430
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List of woods:
Polyurethane varnish
Table legs:
65 mm
L: 1100 mm x W: 1100 mm x H: 750 mm

Nature is not the only source of inspiration in carpentry. Cosmos has a tremendous influence on creativity as well, fascinating us with its scale and hidden mysteries. If You are familiar with our craftsmanship, then You have probably seen the epoxy tables such as Moon River and Martian Chronicles. 

This time, the majestic Jupiter became an inspiration for this work. Since its the largest planet in the solar system, we made something more than just a home decoration - a large dining table. Its diameter is 1100 mm, which will easily seat 4 people. If You have a spacious kitchen and You want to add something uncommon and exclusive, this table would be a perfect option. 

When selecting the basis for  this elegant masterpiece, we chose classic poplar wood. If You take a closer look, You will see an original two-level epoxy filling. The lower layer is composed of nacre copper epoxy and the upper one is transparent.  The epoxy filling together with the poplar wood give  the impression of the eyes looking at the surface of an unbelievable space giant. 

Also, we would like You to pay attention to unusual round table legs. Its specific design was created to make You feel comfortable while sitting behind the table.

The «Jupiter» dining table — great wooden decoration and a perfect fit for a stylish and spacious kitchen.