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Symmetry of the Universes — oak console table, covered with epoxy
£1 690
SKU: 4117

Symmetry of the Universes — oak console table, covered with epoxy

£1 690
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List of woods:
Table legs:
33 mm
L: 800 mm x W: 300 mm x H: 800 mm
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Imagine a world in which everything is natural, right and fair. In which the Universe sends hints and signs daily, only so that we feel confident. It seems that under such conditions it is simply impossible not to be happy.

Now imagine that this world is ours. Just move a little further beyond your perception. Because, as they say, a lot is seen in the distance. The role of the Creator belongs not only to the Higher Mind. Everyone who breathes is the Creator. And we are little puzzles, without which there will be no big picture. In this worldwide tetris game, every creature is the right figure.

Enough thoughts about imperfection — this is what we say with our products. And our new console table "Geometry of the Universe" is a real hint that everything is right in the world, because everything is united. When cosmic clusters create a heavenly space in a macro-universe, below them, in a micro-universe, people unite in social clusters and build earthly life. Meanwhile, in their mini-galaxy, bees create a real miracle of nature — honeycombs.

If things knew how to talk, then this table could reveal all the secrets of the universe. In the meantime, just look at it. See how mother-of-pearl epoxy fused color-matched colors. How she uncompromisingly in a modern way enveloped the plane of a tree, which made the table an ideal complement to the modern interior. We covered the table with wax oil for a silky-soft feel. Please note how the color and geometric shape of the legs fit the table and make it the perfect guest in your home.