Dao — coffee table
$2 910
$2 619
SKU: 4374
SKU: 4374
"Try on" in the interior 

Dao — coffee table

$2 910
$2 619
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"Try on" in the interior 
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List of woods:
Walnut, oak, stained oak
Black pearl epoxy resin
Polyurethane varnish
Table legs:
43 mm
L: 690 mm x W: 690 mm x H: 430 mm

When looking at this table, You immediately want to do a few things:

1) Describe it as well as it deserves;

2) Pack up and take it home;

3) Repeat the actions; 

‘Dao is the way. Every path is unique. It’s a sequence of natural and spontaneous changes, because everything that happens in this space dimension is ambiguous and integral. 

Everything has both dark and bright sides (yin and yang), emits qi (energy that fills the Universe), and creates harmony’ – writes Lao Tzu in his fundamental treatise ‘Tao Tu Jing’. Don’t try to look for harmony in this chaos of wood and epoxy colours. It will find You when You stop looking for it. 

Everything is changing and even the bog oak, which perfected this coffee table, had experienced two lives : the one on the ground and the other underwater, turning from an ordinary tree into an exceptional one – highly durable, rare and impressive. Moreover, You can give it a third life – at Your home. 

This “Dao” coffee table is an interior item, valued for its harmony and comfort above all. The tabletop is made of bog oak, regular oak and walnut wood in combination with gray clear resin with a drop of nacre. 

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