Power of the genus — dining set: table and 6 chairs
$10 710
$9 639
SKU: 4682
SKU: 4682

Power of the genus — dining set: table and 6 chairs

$10 710
$9 639
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List of woods:
Polyurethane varnish
Table legs:
Tree (Elm)
35 mm
L: 2200 mm x W: 1100 mm x H: 750 mm

Might as a new dimension for interior spaces. 

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Immense, majestic and so very real. A table that fully justifies the great demands we make of ourselves. This is the fruit of work that you fall in love with, the result of longstanding and productive cooperation with nature: tastefully concealed elegance, natural power and uncompromising quality.

Aesthetics, comfort and a natural feel. Sitting at a table like this in your own home will allow you to feel the power of your land and your kin. It fills you with strength, and every morning would benefit from a ritual such as this.

The dual effect of luxury and power is enhanced by our very first chairs! They are comfortable, stylish and durable. How do you like this visual interplay? 

The «Ancestral Power» collection.