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Ethereum — wood and epoxy resin dining table
$5 796
SKU: 5717

Ethereum — wood and epoxy resin dining table

$5 796
Made to order
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List of woods:
Transparent epoxy resin
Glossy finish
Table legs:
Polished stainless steel
43 mm
1270 х 850 х 740 mm

Lighter than air and almost imperceptible, the ether touches every fragment of this world and gives it life. As an inexhaustible source of energy, it touches even the soul with subtle vibrations. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed in its heavenly power, it was considered the fifth element, the bright air, the abode of the gods. Born from darkness and gloom, illuminated by day, ether makes this chaotic world brighter and more beautiful, inspiringly moving it forward.

The «Ethereum» dining table is also designed to inspire. By combining classic materials with modern possibilities, it breaks the usual standards in the interior. Visually light and airy, this dining table will expand the space of your home, make it brighter, more complete and expressive. Yes, a typical living room or kitchen can turn into an elite, refined room with this item.

The traditional rectangular shape of «Ethereum», formed from transparent epoxy resin, is almost invisible due to the expressive ornament of a tinted piece of poplar, which has an extraordinary natural decoration of burl. The natural texture of the wood is so original that only due to it the dining table becomes exclusive.

But «Ethereum» is special not only due to its design and naturalness, but the interesting technology of its creation too. A prepared piece of wood is placed in the center of the tabletop and completely filled with epoxy resin. Even the width of the side contours has a slight layer of resin. A section of poplar seems to float in the air, reminiscent of a plant safely preserved in amber. Two square legs are made of polished stainless steel firmly hold the tabletop and perfectly continue its straight lines.

Today, epoxy tables are a trendy thing that is bought both in apartments and houses, as well as in offices and restaurants. They are similar to glass, but much easier to care for and more durable to use. In addition, the tabletop retains a glossy effect and a silky-soft tactility. In combination with wood, epoxy resin creates a new visual aesthetic that fascinates. So whatever interior design you have - avant-garde, minimalism, fusion, loft, eclectic – buying an «Ethereum» dining table will be an appropriate decision. Its is style, comfort, coziness. You can pick up and buy dining chairs right at the table. We have a wonderful series of «Antey» in different color variations, we make them from ash and elm.

The dimensions of the dining table are classic and can easily seat 6 people. It is important to remember that before placing hot objects on the surface, you must have coasters at hand. The use of coasters for cups, teapots, plates, etc will protect the dining table from damage. High-quality certified materials provide it with high wear resistance, so it would be a shame to spoil such a durable and fashionable thing.

Dining table «Ethereum» – lhigh elegance with heavenly inspiration in every millimeter!

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