Bergen — dining set: the table and 6 chairs (table's size 2.0x1.0x0.76)
$13 902
SKU: 5109
SKU: 5109

Bergen — dining set: the table and 6 chairs (table's size 2.0x1.0x0.76)

$13 902
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List of woods:
Transparent gray epoxy resin
Table legs:
50 mm
L: 2000 mm x W: 1000 mm x H: 760 mm
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Freshening Bergen. This is the place where the Norwegian kings were crowned, where the rocky landscapes and «card» houses among them are enchanting. There are almost no bright sunny days, but for most of the year the town is covered with tulips and hyacinths. Chilled by the stormy nature of the North Sea, Bergen is the gateway to scenic fjords whose steep slopes, created by ancient glaciers, saw the legendary Vikings. Despite its cold, Bergen knows how to charm. It beckons not only with picturesque horizons, but also with silence, peace, and pacification.

Like an ancient Norwegian town, our dining table «Bergen» is beautiful with the coldness of its natural shades, genuine authenticity and unique landscape pattern created by nature over the years. On it, it is nice to catch the elusive peace of the day, enjoy textured «landscapes» and delicious dishes.

To convey the atmosphere of the beautiful fjords, we chose burl elm  sections and clear epoxy resin with a grayish tint, reminiscent of the morning mist of the Norwegian peaks. With such a combination, the dining table «Bergen»  is unique. It is part of the furniture series of the same name, within its we made a coffee table and several dining tables. But due to the individual pattern of the wood, the shapes of the slabs, each new product is not similar to the previous one. Such natural exclusivity allows you to have an individual dining table at home, a copy of which is almost impossible to create.

A special coating makes the tabletop of «Bergen» waterproof and pleasantly soft to the touch. However, this does not mean that it should not be taken care of at all. In order for the dining table to remain as new for long and not need restoration, it is necessary to follow a few simple rules. In particular, you should not put hot objects on the tabletop without coasters, cut food without a cutting board, do not place the table too close to the fireplace or battery. Learn more about how to protect any wood and epoxy table from damage here.

All our materials have a quality certificate, and our products have a long-term guarantee. We pre-test each new type of epoxy resin, so we are sure of its stability. A scrupulous attitude to the selection of materials and step-by-step production control ensure high wear-resistance of our furniture. So the dining table «Bergen» is a strong and reliable item in your home that will serve for many years. If there is a need to take into get individual parameters or design, we can separately make a wooden table to order, filling it with epoxy resin or not – according to your wishes.

The dimensions of the dining table allow a maximum of six people to sit at it. This is convenient if friends, parents or other relatives often visit. The oval shape of the tabletop allows not only to feel comfortable at the table, but also takes a feeling of unity all guests. «Bergen» will look perfect in a spacious living room or kitchen. It will decorate the interior and emphasize its overall composition. You can buy a dining table both separately and with chairs, forming a harmonious color scheme. Wooden chairs from the series «Antey» are made of elm and ash with various coverings: velvet, leather, white, gray, green, blue, etc. – there are many options. In addition, we also have light chairs «Aurora».

Napkin holder is made of wood and epoxy resin with a platinum shade, coasters for cups and teapots, original boards for serving cold cuts, decorative plates for fruits or candies will perfectly match «Bergen». Such an aesthetically arranged table will create a mood for you in the morning at breakfast, please you at a family dinner and give you a calm comfort at supper. And when the picturesque fjords «twinkle» far away under the northern lights of the Arctic Circle, the  dining table «Bergen» is nearby every day, unobtrusively whispering about the silence of Norwegian rocks, the beauty of landscapes hidden in gray fog, the indomitable power of the ancient Vikings.

The dining table «Bergen» – when peace shapes your happiness!

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