Taiken — walnut wardrobe finished with oil
$3 900
SKU: 4294
SKU: 4294

Taiken — walnut wardrobe finished with oil

$3 900
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List of woods:
Table legs:
Metal construction
L: 1200 mm x W: 500 mm x H: 1800 mm

Your wish is our command. Meet the new wardrobe in authentic Kochut style. This time we preferred wood over epoxy, leaving it for other variations of furniture. Walnut wood and its playful structure with pleasant shades are the background of this item. As well as the perfect duet which it creates with metal legs structure. 

Traditionally, we saved a place for a certain philosophy. Taiken is a Japanese word for experience. After all, experience determines everything. The best gift it may give You is confidence, confirmed by the unspoken belief that once You have already succeeded. And it would be much easier if we were surrounded by the things reminding us of this essential moment. 

In these changeable times and gripping amounts of new information, experience always wins. Only Yours, exceptional like every other Kochut craft product. Meet a new day and new experience with the finest things. You may be confident about proven and durable quality. Make experiments with us when expanding the horizons of Your plans and discover everything new with us.