About us

About Us

It all started with the dream of the three brothers to do what they liked, which would bring pleasure, and other people positive emotions and unforgettable memories. A long path of development was passed before the common hobby turned into the work of all life.

We are not looking for easy ways, because we are guided by the principles that parents have raised in us - the love of work, responsibility for own actions and under any circumstances remain people. We are deeply convinced that these beliefs are key to personal growth and success in general.

Hundreds of thousands of subscribers in social networks, hundreds of satisfied reviews from our customers and the brilliance in the eyes of visitors of our workshop shows us the correctness of our path, which we are moving and approach to your favorite business.

The first thing that distinguishes us from other jewelry brands is the independent development and manufacture of jewelry.


At some point, our business grew to the extent that three people could no longer cover the full range of jewelry duties. We decided to gather a team of like-minded professionals who share our views and values. So there were the first masters-assistants, managers and designers. Now we are united by something more than just professional ties - we became one family.


We create all the decorations in our workshop on our own. This allows us to control the manufacturing process and maintain high quality products. Many models are created completely by hand (for example, rings in the mokume gane technique), some by wax modeling, 3D modeling, after which the virtual model is cut from the wax on the milling machine. The workshop serves as our second home in which we not only work, but also rest, getting inspiration.


From time to time we are asked where you can see our products live. For this case, we created a small exhibition area in our workshop. You have the opportunity, by prior arrangement, to come to visit us and see the decorations live, and also to touch them. We warn that in the presence there are not all models of ornaments and not all sizes. Also, you can see and buy jewelry from our partners in Austria at Graben 31, Wien 1010.