Honeycombs — Dining Table made of oak and epoxy resin
$2 394.00
SKU: 4450
SKU: 4450

Honeycombs — Dining Table made of oak and epoxy resin

$2 394.00
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List of woods:
Polyurethane varnish
Table legs:
38 mm
L: 47,2 inch x W: 27,6 inch x H: 29,5 inch

The moment when aesthetics and perfection of nature are behind every detail.

Imagine that the world is a huge box with geometric shapes. And each of them can be turned to a different angle and get a picture that will be unlike the rest.

And now, You see a usual dining table. Rough elegance of centenary oak. Amber epoxy resin. It stretches across the tendons of the tree as if the sweetest honey. 

Touching the table feels like a silk fabric under Your fingertips. 

This is the "Honeycomb" table. You can write a poem about it and there will be these words: it’s not just an interior element or a trendy designer thing. Bees keep their harvest safe and protected in honeycombs. And the «Honeycomb» table is a visualization of their work and creativity.

Oak represents the wax, and epoxy resin — honey and bee pollen. The sweet luminous layer covers the wooden surface warmly and comfortably.

Also, the "Honeycomb" could be a small symbol for your home. Family values and welfare — the result of productive work, the pleasure of friendly communication in the circle of Your loved ones.