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Tasmania — wall clock made of wild olive, blue opaque epoxy resin, polyurethane
$1 278.00
SKU: 5751

Tasmania — wall clock made of wild olive, blue opaque epoxy resin, polyurethane

$1 278.00
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List of woods:
Wild olive
Blue opaque epoxy resin
L: 19,7 inch x W: 19,7 inch
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Every year, petrels migrate from Tasmania and, flying around the Pacific Ocean, return to their native island. They are lucky little ones, because they have the opportunity to enjoy the incredible views of the boundless water canvas and spacious land landscapes being in this moment under sky and see down. Tasmania is gorgeous! Its forests, emerald plateaus, vineyards and orchards are something you want to see again and again, so it's no wonder the petrels are coming back. And when lavender fields bloom on the island in January, time seems to stand still to enjoy this soft purple beauty for as long as possible.

Our wall clock «Tasmania» has the ability to «stop» time at the perfect moment. It is difficult to tear your eyes away from it and it seems, even for a minute, that you can find yourself in a wonderful picturesque place where oceans are raging, petrels are flying and lavender is smelling. Due to its size, the clock resembles a large art canvas, which may well replace a picture on the wall. The natural ornament and shape of the tree, shades of epoxy resin convey the original pattern and plot. In addition to the association with an island in the middle of the ocean, you can see a bird in flight, which, spreading its wings, crosses the deep sea spaces. And someone can see something special in that fragment, how each viewer feels and «reads» the artist's painting differently.

Wall clock «Tasmania» is made entirely by hand from high-quality certified materials that provide it with high wear resistance. The protective coating makes the surface of the product pleasant to the touch and protects against water penetration. There are specially designed mounting holes on the back. Due to its, the clock will fit snugly against the wall and hold securely.

The mechanism of the product is quartz and has a two-year warranty, just like the product itself. The silent movement of the hands ensures a pleasant silence in your home, you will not have to wake up in the middle of the night from annoying ticking or be annoyed that the clock prevents you from falling asleep.

«Tasmania» will fit perfectly in your living room, bedroom or spacious kitchen. This designer wall clock is made of wood and epoxy can be hung even in the corridor, placing a stylish console under it and forming an original decorative place, which will, without reason, tell guests about the owner's good taste every time.

Produced only in one copy, the «Tasmania» watch will become an exclusive decoration that also has a useful practical function. By the way, you can choose other home decor are made of wood and epoxy resin. In particular, we have interesting crystals, candlesticks, lamps, table lamps, etc. The interior of the room will look harmonious if you also complement it with a coffee table is made of epoxy resin, a sideboard or a dining table. In addition, you can buy the wall clock «Tasmania»  if you are looking for a housewarming gift, are tired of thinking about what to give your mother for her birthday, or have no idea what to surprise your loved one with.

Create coziness around you now and let natural beauty settle in your home. Let yourself to hear the sound of the ocean and feel the exoticism of the Australian island. Let yourself to enjoy freedom in thoughts, desires, actions, enjoy every little things around you, every important moment.

The wall clock «Tasmania» – control time to enjoy beauty!

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