"Arctic" — side table made of european walnut and epoxy
SKU: 4373
SKU: 4373
"Try on" in the interior 

"Arctic" — side table made of european walnut and epoxy

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"Try on" in the interior 
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List of woods:
European walnut
Table legs:
Wood (oak)
38 mm

What is the difference between an interior with a distinctive epoxy table and a place without it? What actually drives out clients when they refer to us? Is it because of quality? Yes! Trend? Yes! Not like everyone? Yes! Besides, they know well that by choosing original wooden furniture, they choose comfort, elegance and the feeling they deserve the best.

The «Arctica» side table – is something new that differs by functional, cozy and hypnotic beauty of epoxy. If you prefer buying a coffee table, that would fit into a variety of interiors and would be a place for necessary things, then focus on this wooden table.

Unlike the other models, it doesn’t require a specially designed zone. The restrained oak legs of the coffee table are just additional proof of its modest simplicity which is always appropriate. 

Discover the arctic freshness of clear epoxy. Touch the smooth European walnut tabletop. And feel the gifts of nature.

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