SKU: 4295

Dining table «Snow in the desert.» Oak, white epoxy, oil wax

  • Characteristics
  • List of woods: Oak
  • Fill: Opaque
  • Plating: Polyurethane varnish
  • Table legs: Metal
  • Size: L: 1600 mm x W: 900 mm x H: 750 mm


Do people need miracles? Yes. Even adults? Far more than children. But for what reason? For a life to have more that one dimension called routine.  Only the existence of miracles or something rare, allows us to discover our life more broadly and see it from a different angle. Only miracles can fill a life with colorful paintings.

We create products that are something more than just beautiful decorations. Every work of ours brings a certain meaning. It evokes positive emotions that shape your mood.

That is why we decided to manufacture a table that will create an incredible atmosphere. The magical oak reminds of a hot desert, and white epoxy is like fairy snow. Altogether it forms a scenic painting called “Snow in the Desert”, which will fill your kitchen with wonders.