SKU: 4333

Dining table «Lago Verde». Bog oak, epoxy, polyurethane varnish

  • Characteristics
  • List of woods: Bog oak
  • Fill: Mother of Pearl
  • Plating: Polyurethane varnish
  • Table legs: Metal
  • Size: L: 1700 mm x W: 780 mm x H: 750 mm


You are endlessly right both in trusting nature and complementing its creations every time, when making a choice for the sake of beauty.  We trust in powerful energy and strength of bog-oak, because time after time this darkness and depth inspires us to create.

Everything happens for a reason: the distant glimmer dance of stars makes them so miraculous and the mountains rising so high makes us call them peaks. Sometimes, a lake is born in a crater. Whether intentionally or specifically, phytoplankton enriches it with an incredible green color. And when You live like everything around is a wonder, there is nothing left to do but create wonderful things.

The «Lago Verde» table with epoxy resin of an astonishing blue-green color – something that You may call a ‘wow’. It would contrast well in a bright room and harmoniously complete a dark one. Here is a whole space for one’s fantasy. And we took care of its functional reliability.