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Damascus — wooden dining table with epoxy
£3 843
SKU: 4370

Damascus — wooden dining table with epoxy

£3 843
Out of stock
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List of woods:
Transparent and mother-of-pearl
Polyurethane varnish
Table legs:
45 mm
1600 х 800 х 750 mm

Do You know why the Damaskus table draws attention among other items? Come closer. Touch those smooth contours, feel the depth of color and close Your eyes. Imagine, a wise river took You to one of the most ancient cities – Damaskus. Forget about the Present, it will not escape anywhere. The atmosphere of some places allows You to make a true journey into the Past of Damaskus, the real Damaskus, as it is.

According to the myth, this is the place where Adam and Eve traveled after being banished from the Garden of Eden. They say, Noah’s son named it  ‘a house that has water’. Others call it ‘The Eye of The East’.  A huge oasis of Ghouta could be seen in its pupils, before it was ruined by the soldiers in XXI century. Nobody knows how history can change a place.

The future belongs to us only in our minds and the Past lives in our stuff. All around – in the mirror, under the bed, on an old coffee maker or in sharp table corners.

A great history of the ancient place already lives on the «Damascus» table. It’s a balanced tandem of modern technology with mysterious patterns in the shape of Damascus steel.  

We designed this table in warm and pleasant elm, with the blue epoxy filling, reminding a calm flow of a river. Carefully covered with a layer of polyurethane varnish. We designed the table with metal legs, applying powder brushing, which perfectly fits to the overall look of our «Damascus».

Let different generations gather around this dining table and celebrate life as time is our companion on this journey.

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